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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
  The left end of the dial : I listened to Air America radio (commercial left-wing talk radio) last night--what in the hell is going on with that?!? The level of discourse was soooooo base. Demeaning and insulting, Ranting and raving, inciting hate.

My sensitive ears could not bear it! After about a half-hour I had to turn the guy off (his name was mike malloy). Now, I've never really heard right-wing commercial talk radio either, but I'm sure it's just as bad if not worse. I never listen to any commercial radio, actually. And I don't have a TV, either. I've been living in a protected bubble I know, I know. Boy in the bubble, that's me. But even if you're not me, and you're a lefty and you're proud, do NOT listen to air America on the radio--it sucks.

I do read blogs, though. Even some wacko conservative ones.

Here's a new one. Jason Enlge, a La Follette (School of Public Affairs) classmate, has started keeping a blog: What's up on Winnebago. I'm psyched about it. Whenever I've been around him, he's had something cool to say. Plus, his mere presence on my blog roll (under "Bob Types" for Bob La Follette) adds some much-needed balance. I think I understand why there are so many bloggers at the law school and only a few (that I know of) in my masters program. One group likes to, -ehm, talk, the other likes to listen. But I know how much good stuff public affairs types have to say, so I'll be seeing What's up on Winnebago from now on. (Today's post: why he's ambivalent about the Nader factor.) (Also on that topic, see this from Letters of Marque.)
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