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Saturday, October 30, 2004
  "[O]ur confidence in him has been shattered." : The Economist magazine has rebuked George Bush, unfurling a lengthy and reasoned indictment of his presidency. Read it here. I should add--they also work in an endorsement of John Kerry (much like the NYT Kerry endorsement, it is more a "no" vote for Bush than a "yes" for Kerry).

This is THE ECONOMIST we're talking about. Pro-war, pro-business, pro-Bush (until now). Ha!!! Who will be next, the Wall St. Journal? The Weekly Standard?

UPDATE: The Economist endorsement made someone else's day, too. The link is to "Ocean," Nina Camic's blog. She is a prof blogger here at the law school. I've never taken a class from her, but I almost don't want to--I like knowing her this way. Kindred spirit.)

UPDATE2: Thomas Friedman, who usually drives me batty, has found a way around the rule preventing NYT columnists from backing individual candidates. Read his clever endorsement of Kerry here.)

UPDATE3: Mixtape Marathon has endorsed Kerry. I love Mixtape Marathon, by the way. (This is becoming my "shout out" post).

UPDATE LAST ONE, I PROMISE: Discussion in the comments about the strength of said endorsements because most are primarily a condemnation of Bush--it's not as persuasive an endorsement, etc. My response to that is that it's a fine reason. Noteworthy, but no less persuasive. As K said in the car yesterday morning, the prospect that we as a nation might endorse the recklessness of the past four years (by giving Bush a second term) is unpalatable. I'm voting for Kerry because I want a clean taste in my mouth.
A little late there Economist; half of us have already voted...
Why, were you swayed?
If the Economist actually endorsed Kerry (I didn't read the article) rather than just indicting Bush, then my ears would have definately perked up. But picking Kerry because you don't like Bush is not a very strong endorsement.
A reluctant endorsement is still an endorsement. It is not a call to stay home on Nov.2nd and drink hot chocolate. In the end, no one will ask all Bush-voters how "strong" their commitment was, nor will they ask that of Kerry voters. They'll just count the numbers.

BTW I am meaner in my blog than I am in class! And I never, EVER talk politics up on Bascom hill. Except over coffee after class. I have had a LOT of coffee this year!

And still another BTW -- I liked the New Yorker endorsement even more. It was a first ever for the magazine. It was long, eloquent, precise. Yay!
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