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Tuesday, October 12, 2004
  "re-imagining" the curriculum : I've been invited to share my thoughts about the law school curriculum with some faculty members. This year a committee of faculty members was established to critique (they say "re-imagine") the curriculum; I wrote to the chair of the committee and he responded. Cool. Not much may come from it, but something might. I'll let you know.
Does this have to do with that one idea you had?
Brian, Didn't you pitch some idea to me and I said it was nuts? I don't remember what it was, but I still think it's nuts. Why don't you tell them, to "re-imagine" the curriculum, they should think about telling the students that grades do actually matter. My guess is that a larger percentage of the students will attend and participate, thereby transforming the current curriculum into a more interactive one.

Of course, they'll also need to budget some funds for head-shrinkers when all the tension starts to wear the students down, but that won't be any different than the real world.
Ryan and Eric, thank you both for posting comments. Yes, this idea thta I'm pitching to the faculty is the same one that I ran by each of you. And indeed, each of you, in no uncertain terms, told me that I was nuts. And becasue I get like the hulk when somebody tells me that, it turned out to be just the incentive I needed to carry the idea through.

(Not to mention that I value any feedback I get from you two gents.)

Eric, it's funny that you mentioned grading, becasue that very topic is on the agenda for this committee. They want to change the grades to a 4.0 scale--I don't know if that means students will take them more seriously or not.
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