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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
  surprise stories : From NYT:
A few days earlier, some soldiers from the division thought they had discovered a cache of chemical weapons that turned out to be pesticides. Several of them came down with rashes, and they had to go through a decontamination procedure. Colonel Anderson said he wanted to avoid a repeat of those problems, and because he had already seen stockpiles of weapons in two dozen places, did not care to poke through the stores at Al Qaqaa.

"I had given instructions, 'Don't mess around with those. It looks like they are bunkers; we're not messing around with those things. That's not what we're here for,'" he said.
Today's installment in the late-October serial blockbuster: Enchanted Bunker of Al Qaqaa, in which no one can tell whether the 380 tons of explosives were still in their bunker on April 9, 2003, because no one looked!

I'm not sure if the lost explosives story adequately qualifies as an October surprise, because I doubt that it is has penetrated through all the ad saturation, fear tactics, voter disgust, and apathy. However, I live for election fodder. And I love how what normally be a little blip on the radar screen suddenly becomes a blockbuster story just because it might turn the election.

That goes for the flu shots stuff, too. I like to read about that one on the BBC, because the Brits call them "flu jabs," which I think is funny.
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