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Thursday, October 07, 2004
  weapons, politics : FindLaw has the full text of the "Comprehensive Report of the Special Advisor to the DCI on Iraq’s WMD" here. Check out the "key findings" link. If my previous post on the Crane/Tufts tax loophole was cause for cynicism, this report is proof that often our government gets it right. It is a very cool thing that the administration was unable to suppress it.

On the subject of politics, I like Elizabeth Edwards. She'll make a good first lady beginning in 2012 (just threw that in there to screw with you, Hatch). I read an NYT article discussing, in part, the Dem response to Cheney's first-time-I-met-you-was-tonight comment during the Veep Debate. (The two had actually met previosuly, in 2001, at a prayer bkfst.) Totally minor issue, but I think Elizabeth is cool, so here's the part about her:
Mr. Edwards's wife, Elizabeth, got into the act as well....After the debate, Mrs. Edwards said in a telephone interview on Wednesday, she went on stage to greet her husband and found herself next to Mr. Cheney. She recounted the scene:

"I didn't go up with a plan to confront him," she said. "But I turned and he was there and in a good-natured way I said, 'Hello, Mr. Vice President. By the way, y'all sat next to each other at the prayer breakfast.' And he said, 'Oh, yeah.'''

Incidentally, my use of the phrase "an NYT article" above betrays both my opinion that an should be used according to how it sounds, and my preference for pronouncing initials as initials, rather than as the words they stand for (in this case, NYT is N-Y-T, not New York Times) if that makes sense.

Finally, I don't know how I missed this until now, but apparently Cheney's plug during the debate for www.factcheck.com was a blunder--he meant to send people to the ".org" site. The ".com" site was overwhelmed and began routing eager fact-checkers to GeorgeSoros.com. Good show! If I had been running the ".com" site I might have taken a more subtle approach, though, by sending people here instead.
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