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Monday, November 22, 2004
  Add'l Announcements : While I'm making public proclamations:
To My Tax Study Group:You rock. Guys, sorry about missing what was to be our marathon study session this past weekend. I've been in full crisis mode for the last few days. But I'll be there on Friday (2pm-8pm) and Sunday (2pm-8pm). (Just as a side note to other readers: my tax study group is the bomb this semester. We've experienced a mind-meld a la george Bush and Condi Rice--only we talk about more important issues.)

To My First-Year-Property Study Group: Don't worry. Tax shot up to number two like a rocket, but you're still at number one on the all-time list.

Ole Thanks for buying me dinner last week (at Curry N' Hurry--that name is ripe for lots of joke-making but I'll leave it alone). I'm still going to pay you back, but hopefully we can negotiate a discount from the full price of $7.76, paid in U.S.-dollars on money earned in Denmark. The dollar has been slipping against the Kroner lately, you know.

Finally, To All The Public Affairs Students In My Masters Program: You guys are awesome. As often happens, one of you said in class today "Well, I'm just playing the devil's advocate here, but..." Let me just say again--I love that. The environment in a Public Affairs classroom is so grounded and healthy. It's all about trying to figure out what you stand for, and if you're arguing the other side for a second it's appropriate to call attention to the fact that you're just being a devil's advocate. At the law school NOBODY does that; the words aren't tethered to anything.
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