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Thursday, November 11, 2004
  Blog As Therapy : Eric writes:

"I don't really care about my spelling and grammar on the blog, since posting is therapy. Most posts take me less than a minute to type, I don't re-read them, and I never look at them again."

I always like to get the views of Eric (a fellow neurotic workaholic) to check them against my own. He's my own personal pundit. So let's test this hypothesis: posting is therapy.

First off, I definitely do care about spelling and grammar. My goal is to become progressively more articulate in English over the course of my life. It's up there with learning an instrument and building my dream tree house--all major components of my plan to avoid "the plateau" effect (a.k.a. mid-life crisis).

But onto the substantive point. I have another friend whose ideas incessantly rattle around in his head. He was given the advice at one point to "put them in a box" so he can leave the thoughts behind and focus on other things. Seems like posting could serve that (somewhat therapeutic) purpose for people. Dunno. It's interesting to me that someone would NEVER read their old posts. I might have to start a third blog and give it a try. Look for this future URL: www.BlackBox.blogspot.com. Three blogs? Definitely a candidate for therapy.

Maybe. For now, what I appreciate about this endeavor is the open book aspect to it. Posting forces me to take ownership of my thoughts and deal with consequences of what I say and think. In tax terms, posting is a REALIZATION EVENT.

And when I'm posting I think about language a lot (language is what attracted me to law in the first place). My old posts form the foundation of future ventures. I revisit them, draw connections between them, look for evolutions (devolutions!) in thinking, etc. Therapeutic? Yeah sure. It may be therapeutic for me in a different way than it is for him, but as usual, Eric is right again.
Come on Brian, you know I am always right. If our president can always be right, why can't I? But seriously, it is just a difference in writing styles. I get everything out there and worry later about making it marginally readable prose. I would suspect, although it is mere speculation, that you are one of those people who has to have it all worked out before you write. That is, each sentence has to be near perfect the first time you put it on paper (or the first time you let it see the light of day). Therefore, you and I are doing the same thing on our blogs, I have just cut off the most difficult part of the composition process because I choice not to spend what little mental capital and time I have on an activity that is an admitted distraction from far more important and rewarding things.

PS - Thanks for chatting with G. As I told him, I think you are a lot closer to his temperment than I am, so you'll probably be a better resource for a number of things.
This is a well-drafted, immaculately-spelled comment.
James Pennebaker does a good deal of research into the psychological benefits of writing and finds that keeping a journal has very similar benefits to prayer. The acting of putting feelings, thoughts, ideas, into some tangible form is good for you. Although he hasn't looked at blogs, I would guess that the same sort of phenomenon occurs.
Since I can't spell, I don't know if you're being serious or not!
I have nothing to add; I just wanted there to be five comments.
Six. MWAHAHAHA. (evil laugh, for those who didn't get it)
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