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Thursday, November 18, 2004
  Haven't Been Thinking About The State Of The Greater World Much Lately : Madison residents (and meatfood lovers everywhere) will observe that Bob Mould's banner today features our own unmistakable Oscar Mayer Wiener.

The text reads "win me for the day." Hmmmmmmmm, wonder what Bob is thinking here?

For a taste of Bob's more serious side, here's one of his post-election posts. I'll give you a quote:

I sense we are entering a period in our history where the alleged majority will, as a way to divide the masses and advance an extreme religious agenda, demonize the "gay lifestyle"; I hope they are ready to watch the teen suicide rates increase over the next few years.

Sobering thought. He's absolutely right. (By the way, if you follow the link, it's interesting to see where he goes with it. )

Lately thoughts like that have hit me harder than they used to. These two kids we're raising (OK, one raising, one rising), they're lucky, I know that already, because they've got K and me. But this world of ours.... Not what I ordered. Wrong time to be writing discrimination into the constitution--right as I am getting psyched up to raise a family. I'm going to make some serious noise if I have to.

Of course, the "serious noise" thing doesn't exactly feel right, either. Brings me back to the banner above: "A quiet and uninteresting life." I've been following Bob Mould a long time, tracing his trajectory all the way from his 80's band Husker Du to his "quiet and uninteresting life" today. His life is far from boring--peace of mind is what he's talking about. That sounds nice.
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