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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
  I, Brian, Seated In A Lateral-Support-Lacking, Ergonomically Evil, Law-School-Computer-Lab Chair, Have Risked Lower-Back Pain To Bring You This Post :
Alright alright. I do it for me, that's why I post. I've no one to blame but myself. (But chairs like these are a menace to bloggers everywhere.)

Family Front. I've added new photos to SosySteps. Someone asked me if Sosy is the name of our second baby, with Sawyer being the first. No, both names belong to the same little one-and-a-half-year-old munchkin. Sosy (pronounced "so-see") is the nickname, Sawyer is the real name. Number Two has not made his debut in this world... yet.

Re-Imagining Curriculum.Today was the day I got to sit in on a law-school-faculty working group charged with the task of "Re-Imagining the Curriculum." Committees can be unwieldy beasts, and I was generally impressed with the seriousness with which this group approached its task. And the people were realistic about what could be accomplished and how. Many good ideas came up and it was agreed that eight different presentations will be made next semester, with the hope that one or two of the ideas could gain some traction within the law school and form the impetus for change.

Yours truly, together with the one other student present at today's meeting, will be in charge of putting one of the presentations together. Developing story... details to follow.

Home Buyer's Class. Tonight is the second night of the two-part "First Time Home Buyer's Class" that K and I are enrolled in. The first class, you'll recall, was on election night and the woman teaching it let slip her not so favorable opinion about a certain president of the United States who shall remain nameless (a.k.a. the housing-authority-in-chief). She mentioned to some of us at break that federal money for her program has been drying up ever since, oh, I dunno, Jan. 2001. It'll be interesting, and kindof sad, to check in with her now a week later.
Hey, Sosy photos were to be my evening highlight, but your link's not working. Fix it, *please*!
Oh that won't do. There, it's fixed. Hmmmmm... It occurs to me that no one has ever asked me to fix any of my other links. I suspect that Life As Is is nothing more than a gateway page to all of Sosy's readers. So be it, that's life *as is* right there for you. Rather like when I went with Sosy to the Eagle Heights Community Center for a function, and every third or fourth person I ran into said "Oh look, here comes Sawyer and Sawyer's father!"
Funny - you are not alone. In Eagle Heights I was known as "Byron's dad." I don't think anyone other than you guys even knew my name. And you knew it only because of school... Isn't it a great feeling to have a vicarious identity through your children?
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