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Monday, November 29, 2004
  Things I Would Forget If I Did Not Write Them Down : I've often thought that Prof. Komesar, in coining the phrase "majoritarian bias," could just as easily have said "majority bias." Turns out I'm wrong. It's similar to the difference between taxation and tax.

An ugly giant killer is three words strung together with an ambiguous meaning. An ugly giant-killer is a killer of giants who can't get a date. An ugly, giant killer is a killer who is very tall and can't get a date. And ugly-giant killer is a killer of giants, but not just any giants, the ugly ones .

There is no rule that says haiku has to be 17 syllables a pop. That is a myth and it's an evil one because it stifles poetry.
Total time killing post Brian. I know you're busy, but I expect more! Just kidding, good luck on exams.

I was thinking, briefly, about palidromes, specifically name palidromes. I thought to myself, what authors have name palidromes? Two came to mind immediately, Jerome K. Jerome and Ford Madox Ford. I am sure there are many more. Can you think of any?
All I can offer is William Carlos Williams, or better yet, Madison's own William Appleman Williams. Think next generation, though. What those guyes need to do is have a son with a first initial "S." Now in Catch-22, the father of Major Major Major--he was thinkin ahead. And we learn in the story, Major Major Major is promoted to the rank of major on his first day in the army by a computer glitch, making him Major Major Major Major.
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