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Thursday, December 09, 2004
  Chalk Talk : Last night Erik and I wheeled out the chalkboard (which is in rough shape by they way) from the mock-trial courtroom into room 3261 (affection[ately] known in the law school as the "judge's chambers"). It is the room where Salty Dog and I used to study during finals of yesteryear. Erik did an adequate job of filling Salty's shoes—I think I'll keep him. We spent an entire hour mapping out the provisions that form the "heart" of the internal revenue code: Sections 61, 62, 63, 67, 68, and 151. (Or the engine, if you want to think of the code as a revenue-generating machine). When we finally got them mapped out in all their glorious detail we just sat back and looked in awe.

I could almost hear the sound of it humming along like a well-oiled machine. Well, OK, an oiled machine. Must be the way that scientists and doctors feel when they look at the human body.

SosySteps update: Forgot to mention this earlier. New picture of the little man up here. He's dressed to the nines.
Your chalkboard ephemera reminds me of those Buddist monks who spend hours and hours making intricate "paintings" with colored sand and then destroy them the next day. You are truly a devotee of the law. By the way, are you going to be busy around April 15?
"Affectionally" is not a word.
Hatch: April 15th, well, I will have a two month old baby keeping me busy. But on the other hand I won't be standing in line at the post office like the rest of the nation. I'm going to do my taxes early this year becuase I expect a fat refund check (thank-you EIC!). Why?

Anonymous: Regarding affectionately vs. affectionally. Thanks? That's what we call a typo.
Wait a minute, Hatch, I get it--you were wanting me to do your taxes for you! NO dice, buddy. Fork over the cash for a real west-coast tax attorney:-) you don't get away with dumping all your paperwork off to some kid in the midwest. Nice try.
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