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Saturday, December 25, 2004
  Faith, Hope and Inspiration from Counting Crows (of all Sources) : True story. Sawyer and I, heading for home last night, just after sunset. We'd had fun playing around at Hilldale, but the car was cold. Traffic was tight on University Ave, testing our patience.

I was restless; couldn't settle on any of the preset stations. I was looking for some music to inspire me, or at least something that didn't sound ugly, like everything seemed to. I switched to FM2—a rare move because those are the stations from the commercial end of the dial. A random button (preset #5), and out soared this low vowely voice:
It's been a long December,
And there's reason to believe
That maybe this year will be better than the last.
I reached out and snapped the radio off. All it had offered me were those few lines, but that was enough. I was bound to be disappointed if I kept asking for more.

Home to a Christmas dinner (ham and sweet potatoes). Maybe 2005 will be better than the last.
What was wrong with 2004? Or maybe I'm misinterpreting you, and your comments are ultraoptimistic. I think you would be hard pressed to complain about 2004, and if you try I beleive that I have ample evidence to refute you. See, e.g., standing on stage getting some sort of award from Macaulay. -Maddog
Right Steve. How about W.? How about the fact that with the end of 2004, Brian is now just five months away from graduating and doing document review and drafting emergency motions on or around just about every holiday for the next five years? How about the fact that gay people can't get married in a whole bunch of states? What about that nagging feeling that Osama might have moved to Canada and is now just a few hours away? What about the continued rape of Mother Earth? What about the demise of Eric's Kingly Decrees and Various Ramblings, Sr.? See, 2004 wasn't so great, and Brian is feelin' it.
Paradoxically, I agree with both of you. But if you want to know what I was actually thinking when I wrote the post itself: 8-6, M-F means I get to play with my sons.

I object to the use of the word "rape" on my blog.
Not even the FCC objects to the use of "that" word.
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