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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
  Fate Buying Me a Cup of Coffee : Congratulations to Michael (as in Valerie and) for getting through his pre-lims today! For those who haven't heard me tell the story--Michael caught the flu a few days ago just in time for the big event. Michael, I'm sure the cold medicine made you even more lucid than normal.

Quick story. I'm in the computer lab. No, not the evil and diseased Law School lab, the Memorial Library lab (three words: flat screens flat screens flat screens). yeah right, that was six. I need sleep. Where was I? They have flat screens here, and the computers work, and nobody talks. It's just the clicking of fingers and the sound of light bulbs going on and off in people's minds. People studying normal subjects like anthropology and Portuguese.

I sat down at my computer about an hour ago, and on the floor were two shiny quarters. I have no money. I need coffee. But they weren't mine and it appeared as though they had fallen out of the pocket of the anonymous computer-user to my left. She was up walking around, so I picked the quarters up and placed them at her computer station in front of her keyboard. Back to my finger clicking.

She sat down a few moments later and lifted the two coins into her palm. She's curious. She wonders how they got there. She doesn't say anything. She goes back to her clicking.

Time passes, and the main library closes. Foot traffic ceases in the corridor outside the lab. The crowd at the computer lab thins out, too, until I'm the only one left in my row. I'm having trouble staying awake, lean back to stretch. My chair swivels to the left and I let it take me. I'm glad to give my eyes a break from looking at the screen.

Then I saw them sitting right where I had left them an hour earlier. In front of the keyboard of the computer to my left were two quarters--coveted briefly and then abandoned by me. I took the coins into my palm, just as the woman I'd given them to had done. Took a minute to think about the way that objects take on meaning, and then I went across the street to trade them for caffeine.
Well written post Brian, but they still weren't yours. Take this post in the spirit in which it was intended. You knew the quarters didn't belong to you. You now know the quarters likewise didn't belong to the woman next to you. Her act of leaving the quarters there no more gave you ownership than your act of leaving them at her keyboard did for her.

Still, you kept them; I would have also. However, your situation raises an interesting question: Do the combined karma-friendly acts of you and your fellow flat-screen user cancel out the karma-bad act of taking something you clearly know was not yours?
The finder's claim defeats all except the true owner. Nonetheless, I am intrigued at your ability to trade two quarters for caffeine. Even the Den doesn't have a deal that good. But the real issue in this post is who the heck paid for those flat screens? Us out-of-state tuitioners, that's who. Maddog out.
Good luck on your finals.

Finals? What are those? Oh yeah, now I remember. Good luck on them.
To the four above commentators: I hereby dub thee "MadDog and the Boys." Now, go form a band.
Hey, Brian: ask Eric what's wrong with his blog? Blogger won't bring it up.
Eric, what's wrong with your blog?
I'll answer for Eric. He is "making some changes" to his blog (less dribble, more drivel), and is "too busy" to focus on blogging right now. But he still has time to comment on Life As Is. Though I see that nobody has the time to comment on my two lincolns. Pout. Maddog out.
Oh yeah, Steve, I meant to say--thanks for the flat screens. You could have just bought me one directly.

Thanks for the update on Eric, I found it very distressing to see see his blog offline. I'm anxious to see what he comes up with after the rennovation--no doubt he'll try to rival Posner in the amount of fanfare.
Thanks for the concern. It will be a few weeks before I get my blog back up and running. Things are crazy at work right now.

Plus, why have just one blog when, by posting on everyone's blogs, I can have like...a hundred?

Just a quick memo: I am all for free speech, except when it involves the Justice for Janitors rally banging and screaming literally right underneath my window on a day where I have more work than two people could do.
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