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Friday, December 17, 2004
  I can breathe again : Still not finished—I've got my Real Estate exam on Sat—but I'm definitely through the worst of it. Sawyer put barrettes in my hair while I was sleeping this a.m., and it started me on a laughing fit. I could tell that the stressful part of finals had passed. Felt good. Can't wait for x-mas break. No traveling, just hanging out at the apartment getting to know my family again (and choosing a name for number two, due in seven weeks!).
Hey, congrats (in advance) on finals and new arrival! I look forward to the baby blogging. Do you know if you're having a boy or a girl?
Hey congrats! I didn't know that you two were expecting to welcome another human into the family. If you want numerous bad ideas for names, please let me know.
Steve has already taken at least one of the bad names for his beer blog.

Congrats Brian (on the addition, I won't be baited into commenting on your school load again).
Thanks you guys. During the next few weeks I'm sure I'll be posting a lot more about the scheduled arrival of Number 2. It's a much more interesting topic than finals. The big drama (apart from the miracle of life and all) is thta we don't know how Sawyer will handle it. I really think he has the makings of a fantastic older brother, but he'll only be 22-months-old when N2 shows up and he's used to getting 100% of the attention! I'll let you know how the naming thing goes, too--N2 is not going to cut it for long, so Kris and I are trying to remedy that.
Sawyer's personality should be a good predictor of how he'll do as a big brother. If he plays well with other small children now, you could take that as a very good sign.

We actually borrowed the baby sister of one of John's playgroup friends to provide a little big brother practice -- a couple hours, once or occasionally twice a week, for a few weeks prior to the actual arrival. I'd recommend that if you know an eligible baby, whose parents might be glad for a little child care break as well.
That's a fantastic idea. We shouldn't have any trouble finding a baby--I live at Eagle Heights and this place is crawling with them! I'll let you know how it goes.
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