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Wednesday, December 29, 2004
  "Post Already" (or, what has Brian been up to since finals ended?) : Two words: slow food. I've always been the world's slowest chef, and when I found out that there was an actual movement, that was all the encouragement I needed. Kris has been very understanding. For the past several days I've insisted on making elaborate breakfasts that usually involve lots of chopping and prep work and a strict adherence to temperature control, with a strong emphasis on presentation. Despite my description of these meals as breakfasts, they are seldom ready before noon. Dinner prep starts at five, and we usually get around to eating around 7:30 or 8.

Reject TV culture, mates! Spend your time chatting the hours away with a knife in your hand, that's what I say.

Another essential ingredient is the music. I'm already famous around here for trying to put a theme song to everything. (Example: running around the apartment late, as in seven-minutes-to-catch-the-bus late, and taking the time to stop and put on a CD because I've become convinced that "Talk About the Passion" by REM is the perfect song for packing your bag). But now with the slow food thing, I've got music for every cooking maneuver: slicing and dicing (Bob Mould) waiting for the pan to heat up (Suzanne Vega), browning the tortilla (Pavement), and on and on my friends.

Sawyer loves the slow food thing. We've got a tall stool next to the stove that he can peer down from to look at whatever's sizzling. And he sometimes gets to take samples right from the pan, just like his old man does. (It's better than a grocery store on a Sunday afternoon.) And of course, he hops down and follows me over to the radio every time I change the CD.

I was supposed to work this week, by the way. Ha! There is a big closing on Friday and I offered to help with the paperwork. I learned I don't have to go in until the actual date of the closing. Excellent.

Life is slow.
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