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Sunday, December 05, 2004
  Question of the Hour : It has been said that FB gets by because he remembers everything, and EO charms his way through life. For my part, I've never won anything outright because my strategy is just wait everyone out. Even as we scramble to defend ourselves against these baseless charges, it must be said—everyone's got their methods.

Have you ever really been put to the test?

[Update: Eric has given me a thoroughly unsatisfying answer to my question--see comments. There's nothing wrong with a little introspection, E, it's not a bad way to respond to stress. You crack me up. Anyway, try again. Or don't. The rule around here is that when something comes out, sometimes you just gotta leave it *as is.*]

[record straightening: I was very tidy whenever I slept in the Law Review office, thanks much. It's only good practice when you're staying someplace rent-free!]
Yes. Now what the hell is this question about? Are you going through one of your melodramatic phases again? They usually tend to correspond with exams and/or big writing projects. Is this like when you lived in the Law Review office for a week--I mean literally moved in there (and keep it clean like a bachelor I might add)?

What worries me the most about the way you react to the "stress" surrounding exams is that when it comes time in life for you to really face a problem--I mean a real problem--how are you going to react?

Just take a valium and get back to studying. If you had taken more graded credits second year, these final few grades wouldn't be that important.

Sorry for the tough love, but the hugging and consoling part is someone else's domain.
Alright, looking back at my comment now, I see why it might have gotten your feathers all ruffled. At some point I will learn that humor doesn't translate well in electronic form. My sincerest apologies.

However, I do take offense with the unsatisfying answer part of your retort. I stated my answer clearly--in a single word no less. If you wanted us to spill the beans, well then you should have asked.
I'm not really anonymous, I'm Steve. Anyway, I felt compelled to add another voice, so Eric isn't the only one with opinions around here. Now, while I agree that the Law Review office was generally unharmed despite your residence there, it did take on a different odor during your visit; something like leftover tabooli wafers or something. It is supposed to smell like stale beer, nervous 2Ls, and that odor that lingers from Salvo's tenure.
MadDog--what's up! Yes it's true I that left a trail of tabooli wafers (and clemintine peels) me whenever I passed through the office. you gotta leave something behind for the mice (and by that I mean the 2Ls).
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