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Wednesday, December 01, 2004
  The Semester's Yield : Today I started my outlines. The first of the month, appropriately enough. Here's a snapshot I took this morning of my Civ Pro II outline:

I had stopped at supplemental jurisdiction because I wanted to go look at my notes on joinder and impleader. This afternoon I finished that section, and I am now working on the dreaded Erie.

My arbitrary deadline for wrapping up my grad school coursework (papers, presentations, and other projects) was Nov. 30th—somehow I made it. Now I can start focusing on my three law school exams: outlining, staying up late in Word Perfect's warm embrace, creating beauty such as that which you see above.

Come a little bit closer,
hear what I have to say...
Most people try to do their outlines during the semester, but I usually wait until December and it has always worked out fine. Outlining too early would be extraordinarily frustrating and not a good use of time. During the semester, if I'm not in class, I spend my hours: (1) reading, (2) re-reading (3) thinking, and (4) talking to people. The goal is simply to gain as much understanding of the material as possible. And whether you're a 1L or a 4L, like me, you can always get more out of the material if you push yourself further. I soak up everything I can until the stacks of notes and doctrines and ideas pile up like towers. Until... as they are just about to come crashing down, I get to swoop in and save the day. Staying up late, waaaaaaay into the night, bulding a foundation, putting my thoughts together.
Because I'm still in love with you
I wanna see you dance again,
because I'm still in love with you
On this Harvest Moon
The big time. It's fun. And if I've done my job correctly during the previous fourteen weeks, the outline will just fall into place, and there's nothing like rolling into an exam with everything in place. There's just nothing like it.
Sound comments on when to start outlines Brian. I had a debate with someone recently about this. Since I started all my outlines just before the final exams (over Thanksgiving weekend), I essentially followed the same process you are. I don't know anyone (although there must have been some), who really put together "outlines" early in the semester. At that point it's really just pushing around class notes. You can't summarize/harmonize without seeing the whole picture.
One more thing...what kind of tool takes a picture of his outline?
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