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Sunday, December 19, 2004
  Update : I'm past the Real Estate exam. Whether or not I passed the Real Estate exam is another matter. The test was absurdly long—literally impossible to finish (with real answers, I mean) in the three hours provided. The poor proctor felt so bad making us stop! And at least half of the class stayed afterwards to mull around in the hallway and grumble amongst ourselves.

The thing is curved, so it should be no big deal. But I don't like the fact that we were tested on something other than our in-depth knowledge of the material. It became a test where you did well simply by sprinting through as many questions as possible, leaving behind a trail of half-assed answers.(*) I'm not sure if that's my strong suit or not.

Incidentally, if you want to go the extra mile as a reader, you need to pronounce the word "assed" in your head as a two-syllable word—like "acid." That's for emphasis. Just saying.

The only thing I have left is a take-home due on the 22nd. My answer is already all thought out, which is nice, giving me three full days to execute it. There's lots more to say, here and elsewhere. And I've got to go out and get caught up on all my blog reading. But that'll have to wait a few more days. Peace and merriment to all readers of Life As Is. I'll catch up with you shortly.

*Qualification. I acknowledge that one can only spout half-ass-ed answers, quickly, with an in-depth knowledge to draw from; surface-level knowledge would probably only reap quarter-ass-ed answers. So it's not that the test was unfair but my god was it frustrating. If I can just resume the diatribe for a few more seconds: I literally felt like I was committing malpractice a few times by giving the issues such scant analysis before moving on (e.g., answering a series of questions about a mortgage without actually reading the sample mortgage that our answers were supposed to be based on!)
As some one who took the same exam, I agree with you about how frustrating it was. I don't think it was fair though as you seem to think. the curve is going to be worthless and random. I am still fuming about it. I feel vindicated by the email we all got from our professor this morning at 8:30a.m, which I will post here in its entirety. Subject: "Yes, I am hearing your concerns"

"First, I want to apologize for not getting back to everyone right away. I wasn't available to check my e-mail yesterday.

I know that the level of angst about the exam is off the charts. I accept responsibility for the exam being too long. I will certainly take that into account in grading.

I appreciate the time you have spent in providing feedback about the exam and I am taking all of it seriously.

Thank you, too, for the favorable comments about the course.

I won't be meeting with students invididually until after the grades are recorded. However, I would be very happy to meet with any of you after that.
Despite your anxiety over this exam, please have a good holiday away from the law school.

Best, [Professor ________]"
You know, at most other "top" law schools, exams are often written so that very few, if any, students will finish. The theory goes that the more time pressure the students are under, the more obvious the good students will be as evidenced by their exams. Of course this raises the anxiety level for all the students who take the exam, but I can tell you that I had more anxiety about my grades on the exams that everyone said were easy than the ones everyone said were difficult.
Yeah, I agree. I usually do much better when everyone complains. Although, this exam was a doozy! And, I gotta admit you make a good point about the "half-'acid'" answers.
Personally, I don't mind going through life able to discuss and cover many things on a superficial level, instead of fewer topics on a more indepth level. Just like our president. And, look at how successful he is.
I'm so intrigued about who the anonymous commentators are! I don't have a site meter so I can't play the games that other bloggers do trying to figure out who comes to visit based on service providers, ISPs, etc. And two of you from my Real Estate class, hmmmmmmmm... Are there more of you out there? No need to reveal your identities; I am content to have a mystery on my hands. (Balanced by a welcome measure of consistency, Eric, if that's not too sappy for you.)

Anyway, the exam is over, *As Is* the semester.
I don't mind sappy Brian, I just don't like it all tied up with a pink bow. Balance and moderation are good.
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