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Sunday, February 06, 2005
  pins and needles : Time has been suspended. We have sat on the edge of our seats all week waiting for A.'s arrival.

Unlike last time, I don't feel a weight of impending responsibility about nuturing and parenting him. Thanks to my experience of the past two years I know that once we get this guy in the nest, all the other stuff will seem as easy as breathing. (Breathing isn't always easy.)

It's just that first breath... his, I mean. I feel the same nervous anticipation that I remember from last time; I'm concerned about giving him a smooth transition into the world.

Anyway, the baby's imminent arrival has me thinking about life; and paths of lives. Incidentally such thoughts, when I follow them, usually end up returning me to the point of beginning: Trying to take *life as is.*

And a big thank-you to Ocean, in general, and for this post, and the pictures therein, turning around my thinking on the subject of Februaries:
...if you look at the play of sunshine against the trees and snow, you'll understand that there is a magic there and it does not appear in March, or April, or May.
Readers beware of following the link. The blogger spell-check, in its wisdom, suggests to us that ninacamic be replaced with the word "mincingly." What that tells us about Ocean I am not sure, but you've been warned.

And on a final note, I wish to give a word of warning to any WI Law 3Ls who are delaying filling out their diploma-privilege bar applications, like I was until very recently. Get started; it's going to take longer than you think. I'd almost rather just take a bar exam. (I said almost.)
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