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Monday, February 21, 2005
  Reflections on my newly-"closed class" : Sharp tacks everywhere will be quick to identify the term "closed class" as an estate-planning term and remind me that I can't properly use it to refer to my children, because you never know. True. But we're pretty damn sure, anyway, that they're a closed class. More on that.

BUT FIRST... this update: things are heating up around here! Not only have I deviated from my self-imposed restriction on posting (supposed to be down to once-a-week), but in the comments Eric has submitted a feisty response to my alum donations post of Friday.

And as for the recent population explosion in my family, boy, am I impressed with myself. For almost three decades I made my way in the world as a single, solitary unit. But in the short span of three years I've taken on three fellow passengers. In other words, I've quadrupled in size! After that rapid growth spurt it's time for my family unit to stay where it is at for a while (say, for twenty years or so). So let's take stock of the sitch. Final tally: myself, two boys, one spouse. That makes three guys out of four, which is an ironic twist in Kris's life. She grew up in a house with all ladies and now finds herself surrounded by guys.

How will Kris fare with all these males swarming around doing male-type things night and day? I figure that when you know a person quite well their gender can take a back seat to individual personality, so the real question to be asked about Sawyer, Adrian and myself is whether we're manly men.

I once broke into tears during the climactic scene of A League of Their Own on an American Airlines flight to Seattle. So in other words it's looking good for Kris, but do I get points for having a beer belly? OK, probably not. I do have a macho streak that surfaces occasionally, but nothing can erase what I sometimes refer to as the "League" incident. However, I remain optimistic that my boys won't be subject to the same Penny-Marshall-induced weakness of their father. They are both getting a strong, manly start. For our new baby--Adrian--you've got the name. It's very much a guy's name, don't you think? And neither is there doubt that Sawyer is a rough-and-tumble dude. His favorite Indigo Girl--and this is true beyond question--is Amy Ray. Equally true (and I guess this undercuts my hopes for Sawyer if you believe all that "chip off the block" prattle): mine is Emily.
Sometimes I stop suddenly when I'm at home and wonder "where did all these people come from?" You know the feeling...

When you think about it, it's quite amazing how you can be a single person, all alone, find some other single person who happens to be of the opposite gender, and then suddenly make a whole bunch of new people. This business of making new people using existing people is pretty wild. The scary thing is, there is virtually no regulation of this process: unless you live in China, you can repeat the process as much as you want and nobody will bother you. In this sense, we have a lot of power.
I agree! I don't know if you ever saw that Austin Powers movie, but it's exactly like that--creating your own little "mini-me's"!! Who gave us this power?
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