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Sunday, March 06, 2005
  Blogging the Law School Curriculum : I mentioned that I've been collecting views on the law school curriculum. Ethan and I are giving a presentation to the faculty in April. And in part because it's just how we are, and also because we're both graduating and want to leave our mark on the place before we end our careers there (as students), he and I are taking the opportunity very seriously.

Maybe I'll bring Ethan in as a guest blogger? It's a good idea. Rather than e-mailing each other back and forth as we prepare for the talk, we should be speaking in a public forum. You may find it interesting to follow our train(s) of thought between now and April 8th.

Also, I'll put in a plug for comments, which I've recently re-enabled. If you are a student or faculty member at, or an alumnus of, the UW Law School—speak up! Or if you just have some ideas about how the law school curriculum could be made better—let us know! Or, as is the most likely case, let us say you know someone who went to UW Law School and, in speaking to them these days, you wonder what happened to the person you knew, and you fear that perhaps they didn't go to UW Law School at all but were kidnapped by aliens and replaced by an evil lawyer drone!!!! Give us your testimonial!

I'll try to throw out some posts that are worthy of feedback. And we will pursue this alien-lawyer-drone theory, among others.
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