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Friday, March 11, 2005
  Rave Reviews for the Law School : A 3L writes that she has "nothing but rave reviews for the Law School." She confesses(*) that she's an A-student but doesn't think that is the reason she's giving the Law School such a good grade:
The diploma privilege classes have forced me to gain at least a cursory knowledge of "The Law" from a broad perspective, and the credit requirements have left plenty of room to pick an area of specialization....Clinics provided the opportunity for the development of courtroom and writing skills, along with the chance to communicate with clients facing real-life legal and ethical dilemmas. I've worked as a research assistant, which expanded my network of legal contacts and provided me with mentoring, while further developing writing and research skills.

In short, I feel ready to be a lawyer. Nervous and inexperienced, but ready. That, to me, is what law school should do for all students.
Howd'ya like that? A willing supporter of the status quo and she backs up her claims with reasoning. Not even a negative thought for everyone's favorite punching bag, the writing program! Note that this student took advantage of clinicals (and an opportunity to work as a research assistant) to hone her writing skills.

It's nice to get this perspective out there. Reminds me of a conversation I had recently with a faculty member. He was detailing some improvements that he thinks would strengthen the teaching environment, and he stopped in mid sentence to interject this thought: "—assuming, of course, that students take responsibility for their own educations."
* my term, not hers

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