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Thursday, April 28, 2005
  Law-School-Related Tasks (soon-to-be never performed by me again) :
1. Sneak up to faculty library for free coffee during off-hours

2. Program macros on my computer for "ctrl-p" (pi symbol, plaintiff) and "ctrl-d" (delta, defendant)

3. Enter the dark chambers of evil and diseased law-school computer lab

4. Evil eye to [name withheld] for "whispering" in library

5. Look at, listen to, or ever find self remotely in presence of, Lexis Rep
Sunday, April 17, 2005
  Crumbs on the keyboard : Nothing like an empty law firm on a sunday morning. Been coming in on the weekends this semester to study here, at my office, because I have finally had it with the law school library. I sensed that my love/hate relationship with thta place was slowly leaning away from love and toward hate. A sure sign that I'm ready to graduate. So now I come to work to study--it's nice, lots of sticky notes for the taking.

First exam is in less than two weeks.

By the way, the crumbs on the keyboard are not mine. I find the Internet to be too tempting so I disconnect the connection in my office when I'm here to study. Which means that right now I'm in John's office. See how that works?

Fafblog on the repeal of the estate tax: here.

Law Revue: Is tonight! (for the uninitiated: the annual law school sketch-comedy show; the one night a year when nothing is sacred). I'm going, of course, to the show and then to the Pub afterward. But it won't be the same without you guys.

Update on Wis. law of punitive damages: (via EB) The WI S.Ct. reinstated the $94 mil punitive damages award that had gone to the estates of the three guys who died in the Miller Park crane collapse, and then was taken away on appeal. Now it's back in their estates, minus a nice big slice payable to one Mr. Habush of H., H., & Rottier. As a law clerk two summers ago I helped work on the case and went to hear oral arguments in Milwaukee. (THose who know my sordid work history will recognize the name of my former employer listed as counsel to one of the insurance companies.) Been thinking about cranes lately for separate reasons--Sawyer is currently OBSESSED with them and they seem to be everywhere in Madison right now. Read the decision here.

House update: We made it through the inspection period. There was some hard bargaining over who would pay for the electrical work. It went like this:

Me: Sorry to tell you, but this 60-amp electrical service constitutes a defect, my friend. One big fat genuine D-E-F-E-C-T.

Seller: What's that there word "d-e-f-e-c-t" mean?

Me: It's defined right here on schedule A-5 of Exhibit 27 of the addendum to the addendum to the addendum. (Pointing to appropriate provision of the air-tight contract that I spent three-thousand (3000) hours drafting and got him to sign).

Seller: What's that there piece of paper in yer hand, mister?

Me: It's the (air-tight) contract that you signed. It's the piece of paper that means you're going to fix the electrical system for me. Pay up, Bucko.

Seller: Well, jeez, what does yer paper say will happen if I say "No"? Jist askin.

Me: You can't say no. You're a party to this contract (pounding fist). If you refuse to remedy a defect--as defined on schedule A-5 of Exhibit 27 of the addendum to the addendum to the addendum--then you'll be in BREACH!!!!! That's B-R-E-...

Seller: Don't start with me.

Me: ...-A-C-H of Contract!!!!!

Seller: Calm down. What does yer piece of paper say will happen if I go into state of b-r-e-a-c-h?

Me: It's our piece of paper. I wrote it, you signed it. And it says that if you breach I can walk away from the deal.

Seller: You mean if I breach then you can walk away?

Me: That's right (smiling).

Seller: And then you won't buy my house?

Me: That's right (still smiling).

Seller: And I would never have to see or hear from you ever again?

Me: That's right (no longer smiling).

Seller: (pause)

Me: Alright screw the electrical system; just don't forget to bring the housekey to the closing.

Seller: I'll bring the key, you bring the checkbook. Oh, and don't forget your C-O-N-T-R-A-C-T.
Monday, April 11, 2005
  I should be studying : I have only one month left in my life to feel that way. Let me shed this skin!!!

The presentation to the faculty last Friday went very well. With Ethan and I each doing a presentation, followed by a q&A period and lively discussion, 1 1/2 hours went by in no time. And I think our ideas created a bit of a buzz--hopefully the faculty members who were there will be inspired to keep the discussion going amongst themselves.

Hey, I figured out my work schedule: I've got one more week until I go on leave to study for finals. Then I'll graduate and take some time off, starting up work again (this time as an asociate attorney) on July 1st. I am so ready to be sworn in.
Sunday, April 03, 2005
  Life Back How it Was : Thanks to everyone who participated in the law-school curriculum discussion. We really traveled a great distance, in my opinion. Ethan and I are meeting this week (in person, not online) to pin down our presentation. If you can make it to the UW Law School, please come and hear the final product on April 8th at noon in the Lubar Commons. Otherwise, I'll let you know how it goes.

In Other News....

Buying a house. Closing on May 25th. (high five next time you see me)

And, finals are coming up. Posting will be LIGHT between now and then, I've got to catch up on weeks and weeks of TnE and Con Law before I even get started on my outlines. Here we go again...


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